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PAC Solutions LLC, a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides professional technical services and solutions to both government and commercial customers. Our technical services and solutions range from Program Management, Applications Support and Software Engineering to Information Technology (IT) hardware and software support.

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Whether your application is used on an enterprise, regional or local level, PAC Solutions has extensive experience at testing your software for operating system compatibility. It is imperative that your application operate effectively in its target environment, whether that environment is a legacy or an approved enterprise network solution.

Compatibility testing is a non-functional software test that evaluates an application's performance and operations in connection with the targeted operating environment. This testing is one of the several types performed on an application that has been built based on defined criteria and which performs a specific function. Compatibility testing is used to ensure compatibility of the application built with various other factors and operating systems. Compat- ibility testing can be automated or it can be performed manually as part of a non-functional test. Compatibility testing consists of the following components:

Hardware: evaluation of the performance of an application on a certain hardware platform, and checks for backwards compatibility with specific platforms.
Network: evaluation of the performance of an application on a network with varying parameters such as bandwidth, speeds, traffic, etc.
Compatibility between versions: evaluation of the performance of an application in connection with its own predecessor/successor versions (i.e. Windows 98/XP/ Vista/7)
Software: compatibility with operating systems, tools for the network, web servers, messaging, databases, etc.

PAC Solutions has real world experience, within MARCORSYSCOM, performing software compatibility testing within Product Group-10 (PG-10), Program Manager Marine Corps Enterprise Services (PM MCES), Strategic Applications Management (SAM). We have been conducting Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) compatibility testing, as a sub-contractor to a large defense contractor since September 2008.

The Marine Corps took a serious approach to Application Portfolio Management (APM) when it started its desktop outsourcing initiative, known as Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), around mid-2001. APM involves the review of every application in the Functional Area Manager's (FAMs) inventory, and reviewing them from a cost/benefit, redundancy and operational perspective.

PAC Solutions personnel were involved with the APM Rationalization process, directed by Headquarters, Marine Corps (HQMC C4), where the enterprise application portfolio was reduced from approximately 8000 to 850 desktop applications. This process involved working with every FAM in the Marine Corps, assisting them with analyzing their portfolio's and making tough decisions on all their applications, eliminating obsolete, redundant or inefficient applications.

Currently, PAC Solutions is providing support to the USMC Acquisition Portfolio FAM (MCSC OCIO) with the management of their application portfolio. This involves a thorough working knowledge of both the Department of the Navy Applications and Database Management System (DADMS) and DoD Information Technology Repository – Department of the Navy (DITPR-DoN), which are the authoritative repositories for applications in the DoN.

On the commercial side of the house, PAC Solutions has assisted companies with the rationalization of their applications, focusing on cost/benefit ratios and overall benefit to the company. Once a process for application review and rationalization is established and repeatable, an organization can make informed decisions about their applications and the way ahead.

Every Program Manager (PM) or Project Officer (PO) has to manage their program/proj- ect in accordance with the Defense Acquisition System – Department of Defense (DoD) 5000 Process Lifecycle, regardless of their Acquisition Category (ACAT). There are many factors that require management and can affect the success of any program. The constraints that affect Program/Project Management revolve around three factors: Cost, Schedule and Performance.

PAC Solutions has been providing Program/Project Management support since its inception in April 2006. During that time, we have been providing support to our government clients within Marine Corps Systems Command, specifically, Product Group-10 (PG-10) and the Office of the Command Information Officer (OCIO). This support has come at many different levels, with a complex blend of science, management and engineering disciplines. The various Program/Project Management products are designed to be used within the program/ project itself, externally by stakeholders and by higher headquarters. Some of the products that PAC Solutions has produced, in order to support the Pre-Systems Acquisition, Systems Acquisition and Sustainment phases of the process, are the following:

Analysis of Alternatives
Requirements Documents
Testing Documents
Requirements-Capabilities Matrices
Draft Milestone Decision Memorandums
Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMP)
Operational Views (OVs)/System Views (SVs)/Technical Views (TVs) Quad Charts and briefs for higher headquarters
Overall Acquisition Support Documentation
Program, Planning, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Documentation JITC

And other numerous documents as well.

Every organization wants to be able to plan 5 to 10 years into the future. The important thing about a plan is that it's just that – a plan. It may change over time, adapting to the ever changing landscape and allowing an organization to change in order to meet the challenges presented. A Strategic Plan allows an organization to define its purpose, mission, goals and objectives. It contains major milestones, or targets, that will serve as a measuring stick for success. Strategic Plans are important, not only to the organization, but to external organizations and stakeholders that interact with your organization.

Once a strategic plan has been developed and approved, it is important to then develop "Yearly Plans", on a tactical level, that will define specific goals and measurable metrics that will allow you to reach the milestones defined in your organizations' strategic plan. PAC Solutions has developed IT strategic plans for commercial organizations and has developed both IT and organizational strategic plans for MCSC customers, to include the Office of the Command Information Officer (OCIO) and assisted in the strategic plan for Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS).

Components of a successful strategic plan include:

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your organization.
Vision, Mission and Values Milestones Goals and Objectives
Implementation Plan
Evaluation and Measurement

In order for an organization to operate effectively it must have its internal and external processes defined and documented. These processes should be based on current industry standards, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles. PAC Solutions has assisted several organizations, both commercial and government, with defining their processes and procedures, allowing them to add definition and measurability to their current operations.

Efficiencies to operations and productivity can be achieved by an organization via the methods and procedures defined by ITIL. ITIL is a set of good practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of a business or organization. ITIL describes procedures, tasks and checklists that are not organization specific, used by an organization for establishing certain baselines and levels of competency. This is not intend- ed to be a paper on ITIL, however, PAC Solutions has used the principles defined by ITIL to capture processes and use them as a baseline from which it can plan, implement and measure.

PAC Solutions has real world experience, within MARCORSYSCOM, performing pro- cess engineering services within Product Group-10 (PG-10), Program Manager Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (PM MCEITS) and the Office of the Command In- formation Officer (OCIO). We have been a sub-contractor on a large defense contractor's team assisting both of these organizations.

The current push in the Marine Corps is to move systems/applications to a central loca- tion (a data center) and operate them at an enterprise level, seeking overall cost and opera- tional benefits for the Marine Corps. This effort is known throughout the enterprise as Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS). This paradigm shift has forced application Functional Area Managers (FAMs)/Owners to evaluate their application(s) for po- tential hosting in MCEITS. PAC Solutions has been assisting application FAMs/Owners by performing software technical analysis functions on several of their applications prior to their planned migration into MCEITS.

This technical analysis consists of evaluating how the application currently operates, where it operates, and what is required in order for it to successfully migrate and operate in the new environment. Along the way, we document any compatibility issues, deltas between the two environments, and develop relevant Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M;). We produce a technical package that includes the following areas for those systems/applications targeted for migration into MCEITS:

- An analysis of the current operating environment, which includes purpose, scope and system overview.
- An overview of the servers, both physical and virtual, which make up the system/application.
- An overview of the existing network logical and physical architectures.
- An overview of the software that makes up the system/application.
- An analysis of the current access and authentication method used by the system/application.
- A description of the backup, recovery and external dependencies required by the system/application.
- A Gap Analysis and POA&M; capturing relevant information for those issues identified during the analysis.

PAC Solutions has real world experience, within MARCORSYSCOM, performing software analysis services within Product Group-10 (PG-10), Program Manager Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (PM MCEITS). We have been conducting these analyses, as a sub-contractor with a large defesne contractor, since August 2010.


Current Project:


Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Washington, D.C.:

PAC Solutions LLC provides data-related technical, actuarial and administrative support to PBGC's headquarters staff in Washington, D.C., Field Benefits Administration (FBA) offices, Post Valuation Administration (PVA) office and contract actuary offices located throughout the United States. These services are in support of the acquisition, evaluation, merging and filtering of electronic and manual data from automated and manual systems that are associated with newly terminated defined benefit pension plans. Customized PBGC software is used to capture manual and electronic data. These services ensure continuing administration of the associated pension benefits.

Previous Projects:


U.S. Air Force

Maxwell AFB, Al

PAC Solutions LLC, operating as a Joint Venture entitled "Tactical Software Solutions", provides the neccessary technical and functional resources needed to perform Sustainment (Level III HD and DR MX activities), MX Software Releases and Change Requests of the Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS) baseline. This effort includes approximately 27 FTEs and was awarded in March 2015.



U.S. Army Public Health Command (USAPHC)

Abeerden Proving Ground, Md

PAC Solutions LLC provided support to the USAPHC in the following areas: Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance; Environmental Health Engineering; G-1; G-8; G-3; Special Initiatives Office; Health Promotion and Wellness; and PHCR-Europe.



Program Manager Marine Corps Enterprise

Information Technology Services (MCEITS), PMM-110, MARCORSYSCOM:

PAC Solutions LLC provided technical engineering support for those identified Marine Corps applications migrating into the MCEITS environment. PAC Solutions LLC was a subcontractor to a prime on this effort.



USAPHC Transcription Services

A requirements contract was required for transcription services for the U.S. Army Public Health Center (USAPHC). Audio files consisting of WMA, WAV, or MP3 files will be delivered to the transcription agency through individual delivery orders. The USAPHC estimates they will require transcription services for approximately 20,000 minutes of audio that will need to be transcribed with an estimated average of eight speakers on each audio file.


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